Now we have something MOST of us hold VERY Dear,
The American Flag.

It's Despicable and Sad.

Note to the NFL and it's Players

How Dare you Disrespect our Country and our Flag.

If you hate our country so much why don't you just Leave?

Nobody is forcing you to stay here and endure your suffering.

What does the Flag Represent?

Most of us don't really know the history of the flag and what it means.

I challenge these Rich, Spoiled NFL Players to watch this video to the end and if you still feel you need to Disrespect the Flag and the country perhaps it's time you found a new country. After all, why would you want to stay in a country you hate so much?

Drespecting the Flag is a Slap in the Face of All Americans who believe in Freedom. It's not about race, it's not about politics or even just the Military. It's about Belief in our Country, Belief in our Freedom and respect for all those who have died to protect our rights.

Time to ACT.

Folks, I don't know about you but I agree with this advice from a Retired Marine to the Commissioner of the NFL, sent OVER A YEAR AGO.

Saturday is now my day to watch Football.

Don't think these NFL Players are Rich? Shouldn't they be thanking the Country that made all this wealth Possible?

Wake UP!

If I have brain cancer, I don’t ask my dentist what I should do. If my car has a problem, I don’t seek help from a plumber! Why do you think the public cares what a football player thinks about politics?
If we want to know about football, then depending on the information we seek, we might consult with you, but even a quarterback doesn’t seek advice on playing his position from a defensive tackle!
You seem to have this over inflated view of yourselves, thinking because you enjoy working on such a large scale stage, that somehow your opinion about everything matters.
The NFL realizes the importance of its “image” so it has rules that specify the clothes and insignia you can wear, the language you use, and your “antics” after a touchdown or other “great” play. But somehow you and your employer don’t seem to care that you disgrace the entire nation and its 320 million people in the eyes of the world by publicly disrespecting this country, its flag, and its anthem!
The taxpaying citizens of this country subsidize your plush work environments, yet you choose to use those venues to openly offend those very citizens.
Do you even understand what the flag of this country means to so many of its citizens before you choose to “take a knee” in protest of this “country" during our national anthem? You may think because you are paid so much that your job is tough, but you are clueless when it comes to tough. Let me show you those whose job is really tough. 

You are spoiled babies who stand around and have staff squirt GatorAid in your mouths, sit in front  of misting cooling fans when it’s warm, and sit on heated benches when it's cold.. That’s not “tough” that's pampered. 
You think that you deserve to be paid excessively high salaries, because you play a “dangerous"  game where you can incur career ending injuries.

Let me show you career ending injuries! 

You think you that you deserve immediate medical attention and the best medical facilities and doctors  when injured.

Let me show you what it’s like for those who really need and deserve medical attention. 

You think you have the right to disrespect the flag of the United States, the one our veterans fought for,  risked limbs and mental stability to defend, in many cases died for.

Let me show you what our flag means to them, their families, and their friends. 

You believe you are our heroes, when in reality you are nothing but overpaid entertainers, who exist solely for our enjoyment!

Well, your current antics are neither entertaining nor enjoyable, but rather a disgrace to this country, its citizens, all our veterans and their families, and the sacrifices they have made to ensure this country remains free.

You choose to openly disgrace this country in the eyes of the rest of the world, yet with all your money, still choose to live here rather than in any other country. 

People with even the slightest amount of “Class” will stand and respect our flag.

Where does that put  you?

You want to see heroes… here are this countries heroes! 

You can protest policies, the current government, or anything else you choose, that is your right.  But when you “protest” our flag and anthem, you are insulting the nation we all live in and love, and all those who have served, been injured, or died to keep it free.

There is nothing you can do or say that can make your actions anything more than the arrogance of classless people, who care about themselves more than our country or the freedoms for which our veterans and their families have sacrificed so much, to ensure you have the “right” to speak freely.

Our country is far from perfect, but if you can point to any other country where your freedom and opportunities are better than they are here, then you just might want to go there and show respect for their flag! 

By condoning the actions of these millionaire, pampered NFL Players who protest America, these organizations are spitting in the face of every Patriot that Loves our Country and our flag.

You can spend your money supporting American Hating Organizations but I certainly plan to Boycott them and their ideals.

The NFL rejected an ad a veterans group wanted to publish in it's Super Bowl program. #PleaseStand didn't fit the NFL Flag Protest Narrative.
Ford Motor Co.  sides with the Flag Protesters.
Nike sides with the Flag Protesters.
Under Armour Inc. sides with Flag Protesters.
Hyundai Motor Co. sides with the Flag Protesters.

Others we have heard about.
Video Doorbell company RING
USAA Insurance & Financial Services
Casper Mattress Company
Crowne Plaza Hotels
Leesa Sleep Mattresses
Peloton Fitness