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So How is that Hope and Change working for you?

If we continue to elect the same types of folks into office,

we will continue down our path of decline.

Welcome to the America In Trouble Smart App! We hope that you enjoy browsing on ANY Device, and that you find a lot of useful information about our policies, news, candidates, and more.

Here we present the truth and back out position with facts. We don't attack anyone, we simply quote the record and set things straight.

No Political Spin, just the facts...and right now the facts say that we are in trouble and if things aren't turned around SOON, we will Really be in Trouble!

New's Flash: We have identified many of the Far Left Radicals in Congress (Primarily the Senate) who want to destroy your rights as guaranteed by the constitution of the United States. 

If you like having your rights taken away one by one, continue voting these folks into office. But if you think perhaps it's time to protect your rights, then join us in getting them OUT OF OFFICE.

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